Obamacare Trumpcare
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)

The Republican House has spend the last 6 years trying to repeal Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act.  They tried between 30 to 60 times depending on who’s counting.  Guess what the Grand Old Party was able to move that rubber tree plant in the last election.  The Republican got control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

So we have Trump issuing an executive order to cease and desist all matter having to do with Obamacare.  Sorry, for all the initial analysis its a nothing burger.

Whatever is pronounced by this administration give it at least a week to let it settle in. See more about the Republican retreat described below.

Here are Some Obamacare to Trumpcare Factoids

  • OK Obamacare to Trumpcare is like getting a super tanker to do 180 degree turn.  It will take time, more like a year or two, lord willing and creek don’t rise.  I think the Washington Post has a good Q&A for consumers.  More difficult for docs.
  • Let’s talk about the 2nd biggest factor with the move from Obamacare to Trumpcare, litigation.  Just moments ago a judge overturned one of the executive orders related to immigration, the administration isn’t two weeks into its term.  Don’t like how high your malpractices insurance is costing?  Washington is a town of
  • 18 million individuals would lose their insurance according to the Congressional Budget Office. It’s potential that insurance companies get skittish and will examine the language of the order, next year, setting off a marketplace fall.
  • That number could go as high as 52 million if preexisting conditions aren’t dealt with.  But that’s 1 in 4 of every American. Yes, Trump said that was going to be kept in Trumpcare.  But that’s an offly large spread
  • The individual mandate might have important effects for the individual insurance markets. If fewer healthy individuals purchase insurance many leading insurance companies may get out of the marketplace.
  • Will the Trump administration be will to extent Medicaid.  Does he really want to provide healthcare for the 10 million people that didn’t get covered by Obamacare.  Will this be relegated to the States, including coverage if you’re doing some kind of work or training?
  • Personnel at HHS/CMS they are still heading down that road to more regulation.  They can’t help themselves, making policy for HHS is like a drug addiction.  Never underestimate the power of a non-appointed government employee to do their own thing.

This isn’t a complete list by any means, will most likely revise over time.

Republican Retreat – No Kidding

Someone turned mole during the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia this week.  During the meeting they secretly recorded the whole session and feed to the Washington Post, nice scoop.

I am just to start with quotes from Representative and Senators:

“Our goal, in my opinion, should be not a quick fix. We can do it rapidly — but not a quick fix … We want a long-term solution that lowers costs.” Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)

Talking about need 1/2 trillion dollar over ten year to transition to Trumpcare

“This is going to be what we’ll need to be able to move to that transition,” Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

Middle class family can’t afford to prepay plans that call for a tax refund

De-funding Planned Parenthood when you’re revising the AHA

“We are just walking into a gigantic political trap if we go down this path of sticking Planned Parenthood in the health insurance bill … If you want to do it somewhere else, I have no problem, but I think we are creating a political minefield for ourselves — House and Senate.” Rep. John Faso (R-N.Y.)

So, not bad for less than two weeks work.

On the positive side you can see that a number of Republicans are being a lot more realistic about changing Obamacare.  Let’s hope the Congressional leadership takes this all into account as they do move forward.