medical billing for cardiology
In regards to cardiology coding and medical billing, it’s essential to possess specialized understanding of the subject. Effective and precise cardiology coding needs instruction on changes and upgrades in the cardiology business. People who perform coding and billing are faced with constantly evolving treatment and technology, which are coupled with coding regulations and continuously evolving changes in cardiology billing.

When cardiology practices have top notch charging services, their general bottom line is favorably affected.In a setting that is cardiology, charge suppliers must have the ability to read and subjective doctor surgical notes.

This can be an integral element for lucrative and efficient billing and coding processes. We’ve specialized expertise in coding the broad array of surgical procedures that can be performed by cardiologists.

In a cardiology setting, billing providers need to be able to read and abstract physician operative notes. This is a key component for efficient and profitable billing and coding procedures. At Quest National Services, we work diligently to apply correct CPT, ICD-9-CPM, and HCPCS Level II assignments. We have specialized experience in coding the wide range of surgical procedures that are commonly performed by cardiologists.

These procedures include coronary interventions, heart catheterization, peripheral vascular procedures, pacemakers, and the like. Cardiologists can rest assured knowing that the complexities of their practice will be accurately reflected in their medical billing and coding using QuestNS’ expertise and services.

Medical Billing for Cardiology and Medicare Fees

Substantial fee reductions in cardiology during the last a few years have been occuring. While the average Medicare fee increased by over 1%, Medicare fees for Cardiology have decreased by around 2%. Changes in echo services like Doppler and color flow and follow-up on implanted devices and external devices, frequently result in billing mistakes and lower payments. If your billers aren’t aware of these modifications, along with the required cvounter solutions, you could possibly see a considerable negative effect on your practice’s revenues.

Cardiology Billing Services

The value we place on ensuring that your medical billing process is as smooth, quick, and profitable as possible is partially based on the constant contact our account reps have with each practice. When any uncertain information is encountered, our team will work closely with your office to clarify the issue as soon as possible before submitting the claim. We ensure a quick and accurate billing process by preventing unnecessary balancing and billing. As a result, cardiology patients are more satisfied, which equates to a more successful cardiology practice.

Medicare and Coordination of Benefits (COB)

We understand the intricacies of managing cardiology billing and coding for patients who receive Medicare coverage or are covered by multiple policies. We have extensive knowledge of Medicare billing and coding to ensure that cardiologist practices don’t experience issues with claims submission and reimbursement. We’re also well-versed in coordination of benefits (COB) procedures for those patients who require more complex billing services.

PHR Understand Modifiers for Cardiology

PHR knows that Cardiology medical billing is complex and requires a high level of experience and knowledge for appropriate coding, modifier application and general medical billing procedures. Billing specifics such as medical necessity verification, component coding, etc., require ever increasing levels of billing expertise and efficiency.

For example; a physician codes an E&M visit CPT 992xx) and a cardiovascular stress test (93015), then a modifier 25 needs to be added to the E&M visit to indicate that there was a separately identifiable E&M on the same day of a procedure. The modifier stops the bundling of the E&M visit into the procedure. This take experience between the cardiologist and PHR but its part of what our account rep look for. Something that we’d review between the superbill and the doctor’s notes.

The Preferred Health Resources account reps work with your practice to help identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers, and educate your practice on best-in-class medical billing practices and procedures to help maximize the revenues for services rendered.

Cardiology Billing From Experts

Preferred Health Resources offer Cardio billing expertise that provide comprehensive support for the busy cardiologist whose practice demands his or her attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to professionally and accurately submitting all your claims, Preferred Health Resources also provides the following services for one, performance-based fee:

  • Personal responses to all patient billing questions
  • Generation and mailing of patient statements
  • Rapid posting of reimbursements
  • Customized monthly statistical reports and spread sheets tracking business activity and productivity
  • Application of effective collection procedures to promote remittance of outstanding receivables
  • Collection and analysis of patient information
  • Evaluation and recommendations for fee structuring strategies
  • Over 1,200 different type of reports are available to all practices

As one of the most unique and distinguished medical billing companies in the industry, Preferred Health Resources offers thorough solutions to all of your billing and clinical practice needs. For one fee, cardiologists  receive the benefits of working with an experienced medical billing company that takes pride in providing clients with consummate professionals possessing years of experience in the medical billing industry. Outsourcing medical billing claim submission to PHR maximizes office competency and minimizes the expense of backlogs. Cardiologists will also no longer have to worry about rising overhead expenses, upgrading computer software, pursuing denial of payment claims or inadvertently violating HIPAA guidelines. Additional benefits provided by Preferred Health Resources include:

  • Assignment of a personal account executive
  • Personal response to questions (no voice recordings)
  • Daily submission of claims electronically
  • Productive and assertive follow-up on all claims
  • PHR will bill off of your EMR or billing system.

Experiencing significant loss of revenue due to billing issues is both unnecessary and rectifiable. PHR’s experienced staff of authoritative medical billing and claims processors are always prepared to fight for its clients to get the best reimbursements from all carriers. Let Preferred Health Resources take charge of the medical billing aspect of your cardiology practice and discover the satisfaction of knowing your claims are being managed accurately, professionally and with a personal touch.